There is a misconception among travellers that “Travel Insurance” covers health expenses.It DOES NOT. it merely means coverage for lost luggage and cancelled trips plus other non medical expenses.

there is two other types of Insurance all travellers should consider:

“Travel Health Insurance” which covers health expenses abroad like doctor visits, ER and hospital admissions and medications.Medical care can be really expensive abroad reaching hundreds of thousands of dollars.

the last but not least is the “Evacuation Insurance”.It means evacuation to home country to get quality medical care if it is not available in destination country in case of serious injury or illness.some Evacuation Insurance plans even cover evacuations in case of natural disasters, Civil Unrest or Wars.I read an article about an American fisherman who was evacuated back to the United States within 24 hours after sustaining a serious head injury in the Bolivian Jungle during a rough Canoe ride two years ago.

Fortunately, he fully recovered and I met him in the same place during another fly fishing trip with a big smile on his face.that would not have been possible without “Evacuation Insurance”.

for more information please refer to TRAVELLING BEST PRACTICES page.

Travellers are strongly advised to check their Travel Insurance plans to make sure they have reasonable coverage before going on a vacation, mission or adventure.