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Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever

Dengue is a common viral disease in many counties. Travellers going to the Caribbean, South America, Africa and Asia (South and Southeast) are all at risk. Like many travel-related infections, dengue is caused by a mosquito bite (Aedes mosquitoes).

Infection occurs in both rural and urban settings.

Symptoms include fever, body aches, joint pains, rash, headache and bleeding of the skin or from body orifices.

Dengue can affect any body organ and may lead, in few cases, to death.

It is needless to say, avoid mosquito bites by visiting our Mosquito Safety section and seek immediate medical care if symptomatic.

To date, there is no vaccine available against dengue. The prevention is solely mosquito safety. 

Please Note:

  1. The information in this page is for educational purposes only. It is not to substitute for a formal travel consult with your travel doctor.
  2. Always seek immediate medical advice if you get sick abroad or after you return.
  3. Mosquito safety measures should be always implemented.