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DIN (Drug Identification Number)

Call your insurance provider and check if they cover particular vaccines.They will ask you to provide the DIN number.

we will provide you with a receipt that shows the DIN number of the vaccines given to you during your visit for reimbursement of your expenses.

Avaxim    02240255

Avaxim Pediatric    02243741

Dukoral    02247208

Imovax Polio    02231267

Imovax Rabies    01908286

Ixiaro    02333279

Menactra    02279924

Menomune    01959018

Rabavert    02267667

Twinrix    02230578

Twinrix Jr.    02237548

Typhim Vi    02130955

Vivaxim    02248361

YF-Vax    00428833

Zostavax  02315939