Burlington Travel Clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel medicine is the protection of travelers before departure against travel-related health hazards like infectious diseases, jet lag, altitude illness, scuba diving medicine and much more. This includes health advice, vaccination, prophylactics and self-treatment medications. For more details, check other Frequently Asked Questions here.

Yes. We accept debit and major credit cards, including VISA, Mastercard and American Express.

Yes. Burlington Travel Clinic is a designated Yellow Fever Center by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

A list of any medications you take from your pharmacy and your immunization record.

Yes. We have mosquito repellents, bite treatment creams, mosquito bed nets and many other preventative products available for sale at a reasonable price.

No. OHIP does NOT cover travel medicine or travel vaccines

Yes. We carry all the vaccines on site.

Most likely. Most drug plans and health insurance will reimburse the vaccine expenses. We will give you a formal receipt after each visit with the DIN that you have to submit to your insurance. For DINs of common vaccines, click here.

4-6 weeks before departure. Most vaccines need time to boost your immune system and sometimes you need a few shots of certain vaccines spaced over few weeks.