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Dec 10, 2019 No Comments

Travellers may face a medical emergency while abroad due an illness or physical trauma and accidents.what if someone is in a country where medical care is suboptimal?

Evacuation insurance is the answer.While some Travellers may have basic evacuation coverage through major credit card carriers,getting a dedicated evacuation policy is highly recommended.Some evacuation plans will also cover non medical evacuation like during civil unrest,natural disasters etc.

Some reputable evacuation companies will make sure your back home safe within 24-48 hours no matter where you are.

Safe travels and happy holidays.

Zika in Thailand

Dec 9, 2019 No Comments

Through mid-September (2019), health authorities have detected about 7400 people infected with the Zika virus in different parts of Thailand.

Travellers advised to use a DEET or Picaridin containing repellents to lower risk of infection from infected mosquitos as well as using bed nets, bug shirts, staying indoors during night and wear long-sleeve shirts .

Pregnant travellers should avoid travel.Couples anticipating pregnancy should consult with a travel clinic or their doctor before making travel plans.