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Travellers may face a medical emergency while abroad due an illness or physical trauma and accidents.what if someone is in a country where medical care is suboptimal? Evacuation insurance is the answer.While some Travellers may have basic evacuation coverage through major credit card carriers,getting a dedicated evacuation policy is highly recommended.Some evacuation plans will also […]

Zika in Thailand

Through mid-September (2019), health authorities have detected about 7400 people infected with the Zika virus in different parts of Thailand. Travellers advised to use a DEET or Picaridin containing repellents to lower risk of infection from infected mosquitos as well as using bed nets, bug shirts, staying indoors during night and wear long-sleeve shirts . […]


Due to widespread protest and civil unrest all travel to Haiti should be avoided. Please visit for further information and travel advisories. All travellers are encouraged to purchase travel and evacuation insurance before leaving Canada.

Dengue Fever in Asia

Dengue Fever is on the rise in Asia.About 15000 cases were reported in Vietnam from multiple provinces, mainly Ho Chi Minh city.Singificant increase in Dengue fever case has also been reported in Cambodia and Laos.Travellers are advised to use extra mosquito precautions like sleeping in air-conditioned rooms, wearing long sleeve shirts and pant and most […]

Picaridin..the New bug repellent

After a long wait , Picaridin, is now available in Canada.As a newer mosquito repellent Picaridin has many advantages.It is equally effective as DEET , has no chemical odour (odourless), not irritant and does not damage plastic and synthetic materials like plastic.Picaridin is considered very safe even for children. Picaridin is now available for our […]

Bexsero®….the new meningococcal vaccine

According to the Ministry of Health about 70% of IMD (Invasive Meningococcal Disease) in Ontario can be caused by Meningococcal serogroup B against which Meningococcal B vaccine or Bexsero® is effective. Invasive meningococcal disease and meningitis are serious illnesses which can lead to death and disability are spread through contact with respiratory secretions and saliva of […]


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Zika virus update and information

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