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The passion of travel and the magic of new places extends many centuries back.

With the lack of GPS, Magellan achieved the first circumnavigation in human history when he traveled all around the globe. Curiosity nurtured famous explorers, like Ibn Battuta, to go on expeditions to Europe, the Far East, South East Asia and the Swahili Coast of Africa.

With the advancement of technology and transportation the world is now but a small place that can fit in the frame of your airplane window.

Millions of people travel around the world each with a different and unique itinerary. Each destination has its own way of opening our eyes and mouths wide causing our hearts to pound with joy and fear at the same time. This could be when trekking a twenty-thousand-foot mountain in Tanzania, chasing golden dorado in the Bolivian jungle or watching lions and leopards in the African desert. It could be due to millions of people gathering for a sacred ritual of Hajj or a photographer capturing the magic of Angkor Wat and Buddhist temples in the ancient city of Bagan. Similarly, it could when a couple is spending their honeymoon in a Mexican resort or a humanitarian aid worker is helping earthquake or tsunami victims.

But all destinations share two extremes: risk and pleasure. Travel medicine is to help travellers minimize the risk to maximize the pleasure of their trip through safe travel.

The health hazards associated with travel should encourage best traveling practices, not discourage adventures and noble missions.


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